about us

“Padideh Shakiba Cooperative Cooperative Company” with a history of 25 years of effort and experience, was established in 2006 with the subject of activity in the field of supply and supply of construction materials, which specializes in the production of ceramic tiles and sanitary ware.

The founders of this company have been among the pioneers in the field of sanitary tiles, ceramics and porcelain since the beginning of the 60’s and have brilliant experiences and records in the field of production and commercial activities. It is considered a leader and unique.

In this regard, by registering the Seraset brand on 7/18/1695 in the General Directorate of Trademark Registration of Tehran Province with number 257463, we established a new arena as one of the top brands in the ceramic tile industry.

The formation of the Seraset brand, along with the exclusive representation of the Serra brand from Turkey, as well as the exclusive representation of the Chinese pearl sanitary ware (which has always been one of the top brands nationally and internationally), led to a complete set of product portfolio. Provide for the construction industry and construction projects.

Also, considering the huge support of this collection in various fields, including management and executive staff, finance and technical expertise, concluding contracts with different conditions in each project and with complete flexibility, is on the agenda of the brand.

History and honors of the brand

Some projects of the contracting party:

Imam Baqir (AS) University, Karaj Metro Line 2, Artemis and Diamonds, Kharazi (Aerospace, Fighter, etc.), Imperial Tower, 501 Army, Mashhad Insight, Genetics of Light

Also some of the important companies involved in the contract are:

Saba Stable Structure, Akam Buildings (including Oranges 1, 2, 3, 4), Sanaavoj (including Lux and Accordance Complex), Ariasazeh Tali, Azaristan Civil Engineering, Iran Sazeh, Nikan Sazeh Sadid Engineering, Isfahan Electricity Distribution, Century Dream Phenomenon

Also among the important activities of this company can be:

1. Permanent and continuous presence in international exhibitions of ceramic tiles and specialized in the construction industry and

2. Exports included Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

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